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We've built an attendance tracker that helps you to mark presence, run actionable reports, and collaborate with your team.

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If attendance is part of your routine, let’s get it done.

With Alora, you and your team would feel organized, reduce paper clutter, and save time for things that matter.

Here are some highlighted features you can get when you start using Alora:

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Attendance Tracker

With Alora, you can easily set up a recurring schedule and organize your workflow. Use six different marks to track students’ presence in classes. Moreover, you can add student notes to record extra information. The best part is that the app works even when you don’t have a cellular connection, meaning your progress is 100% backed up and saved.

"Your app has been the best so far ... BY FAR ! I really enjoy using your app , makes my job much easier."
Zoe Parker
Music Teacher
"It helps me keep track of what kids are attending classes! It saves time and I feel very organized."
James Reed
Swimming Coach

Exportable Reports

With our Premium plan, you get three types of reports that help you spot attendance trends for each student or an entire class. Therefore, you don’t need to calculate attendance manually. It means less stress and more free time. In addition, you can share reports in CSV & PDF formats with your team or even with your students.

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Team Collaboration

Invite your team to work together with you. Add as many team members as you want. Give custom permission for each team member. For instance, you can give permissions to track attendance, but restrict student editing. Most importantly, sync data between team members and devices happens in real-time. The result is increased productivity and efficiency across your entire team.

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