How To Import Student Roster?

Alex Mokretsov

Student Roster Import

You can import your student roster as a CSV file via email attachment.

Here is a template you can download on your desktop to fill your data and import it into Alora.

There are some basics you need to know about the file that you will import:

• The first line (header) of the file should have specific column names (to exactly match it with our database of adding a student). Here are column names:

  1. FirstName
  2. LastName
  3. Phone
  4. Email

FirstName and LastName are mandatory, so in the roster itself the remaining fields could be left empty. Example:

• You can even remove the headers that you don’t need and only keep FirstName, LastName. Example:

Example of shorter version of filled csv template to import students

How to import your student roster:

• Prepare your student roster in any text editor using our template.

• Send your .csv file to your e-mail account.

• Open your e-mail on your device.

• Tap and hold on your file, and choose “Copy to Alora”.

• Your student roster will be imported to the app.

• Note: Students with the same name will be merged.

Screenshot showing how to import students using csv email attachment

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