Import Student Roster

You can import your student roster as a .csv file via email attachment.

Here is a template  you can use to fill your data and import it into Attendance Manager.

There are some basics you need to know about the file that you will import:

•    The first line (header) of the file should have specific column names (to exactly match it with our database of adding a student). Here are column names:

  1. FirstName

  2. LastName

  3. Phone

  4. Email

•    FirstName and LastName are mandatory, so in the roster itself the remaining fields could be left empty. Example:


•    You can even remove the headers that you don't need and only keep FirstName, LastName. Example:

How to import your student roster:

•    Prepare your student roster in any text editor using our template.

•    Send your .csv file to your e-mail account.

•    Open your e-mail on your device.

•    Tap and hold on your file, and choose "Copy to Alora".

•    Your student roster will be imported to the app.

•    Note: Students with the same name will be merged.