Collaboration is essential in a team of any size. Whether you are a sports section or an art school, you can count on Alora when it comes to attendance tracking. Here is an instruction on how to start collaborating with your team.


Step 1. Create a workspace

The first step is to create a workspace. You can do so in the "More" section of the app. Click on Workspace and Create Workspace buttons. Here you need to provide a workspace name and your full name, so your team members can recognize who is inviting them.

Step 2. Invite team members

Congratulations, you've created a workspace! Now it's time to invite first team member. Press the "Manage Members" button, then "Add Member." Here you need to type-in team member's email, choose permissions and click "Send." Great job! Your team member will receive an invitation email with a link to download the app and instructions on how to start collaborating.

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